Your small penis disgusts me!  |  (Random)

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Your small penis disgusts me!

You should be ashamed of yourself spying on me when all I wanted was a little outdoor private time. I love sucking on candy and you interrupted my moment. How dare you spy on me and then actually think you have a chance asking me on a date! Before I would even consider dating you, you have to show me the size of your cock. NOW you should REALLY be ashamed because the candy I was sucking on is bigger than your pathetic erect penis. You are going to jerk that little nub for me until you cum because I donít believe anything so small can even produce anything that can be called a pop. Go ahead, rub it until something comes out from that pencil tip. Make me laugh even harder.

Date Added: 05/08/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 6 mins

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