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Stinky Sweaty gym feet

I am just getting home from the gym and what do I find sitting outside waiting for my arrival in my sweaty gym clothes? You! You could hardly wait for me to take off my sneakers so you can catch the scent of my stinky feet. Not only do I allow you to lick my odorous soles, you may also suck my toes. But wait! Today I have a surprise for you that is sure to make you so happy. I remove my sweat soaked headband and wring it out all over my perfect pink toes. Now they are glistening with my hard earned sweat and ready for you to lap up every last drop. I can tell you are in the fun foot ecstasy zone so I allow you to pick up my shoes and follow me into the house for more. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Date Added: 06/28/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 4 mins

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